Friday, April 9, 2010

im so pathetic!

Malam: someone told me..."rasulullah kate, decision yg based on istikharah n istisyarah(discussion) iAllah xkan dtgkan penyesalan" lucky to have someone like u..thanks buddy.....i need a guidance to go thru this path..dont let me fall n paralyze...i cant stand so pathetic!

someone send me a message via FB message tools..she asked me bout my recent shout out..why it's looked gloomy and too weak!pathetic!...oo....GOD..u send me an angel for me to still stay and breathing.

suddenly she came and being an angel....she's hearing me...tearing!..huhuhuhu...

dear buddy.....i dont noe y this feeling keep growing and growth!. day by day, its was warmly hearts and hurt!. i was so mad n nuts!!

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